Jenelle Kappe

Jenelle Kappe is an artist through and through—in whatever form that word may currently be taking shape. 

When she’s a photographer, her use of light has soul and presence. She has the unique ability to invite - rather than push - her subjects to fill her frame with humor, soul, and warmth that even they were unaware they had. Her photographs evoke smiles, laughs and memories we all forgot images could muster. 

As a animal lover and “horse-person”, yes those are both forms of artistry, she has the ability to gain the love and respect of any surrounding animals—a la snow white. Her compassion and ability to nurture can best be seen when she’s in control of a 1000 pound animal.

And as a traveler, she can find comfort wherever we may be but she truly smiles her best smiles in the window seat of a plane, which is ironic, seeing as she’s deathly afraid of heights. However, I’ve realized her seat preference is simply a metaphor for the way she prefers to view the world. She’d rather sit back and admire, fear be damned, offering her heart the space it needs to breath - opening up completely to the affection it feels for the world. 34A (or F) is her happy place (#windowseatsarebest). 

Jenelle Kappe is an artist through and through—in whatever form that takes shape. Her art goes beyond photographs, her horse-ness, and her travels. Her art, is her existence, it encompasses all. She dedicates herself wholly and completely to her food, her world, and her people. Nurturing each meal, allowing each relationship the space it needs to flourish, and completely appreciating each experience in a way that leaves me in awe. It’s something I’m eternally grateful to bear witness to each and every day.

— Parker

Scarlet Jovanson

Scarlet, our 1987 Chevy “Tern” Conversion Van was sitting in the Pine Barrens of Jackson, New Jersey as recently as March of 2015. Pulled from an almost certain boring rusty demise—thanks to craigslist—she’s since been given a fresh shot as our cozy mobile bedroom and adventure mobile. When we picked her up our first move was to gut the interior and start fresh with a complete remodel, many mechanical and design changes have followed but in all of her many shapes and states of being our girl is always rumbling and ready to hit the road, whether that means slowly traversing some horrifying cliff sides in Baja or slowly greeting the day during a mega cozy morning—wherever we may be parked.


Emma Mae

Truth be told, Scarlet’s her favorite. Although, I think Parker and I are very close seconds – maybe thirds if you throw food into the mix.  She recognizes Scarlet’s engine rumble from miles away – whimpering until she can be near her.  It’s slightly neurotic, but we get it – we love Scarlet too.

She can often be found proudly lying crossed pawed observing her kingdom – be it fireside, the van-bed or the front porch. It’s absurdly regal looking. Her morning snuggles are the best, there are times when the licks and kisses get out of hand – but we wouldn’t trade it for the world. If I had to guess, I think she’d come back as a shawl in her next life; she just can’t ever get close enough. 

Coming home to her is the greatest thing in the world.  The squeaks, the jumping … the unconditional love … it’s real! Most importantly, she’s the best travel dog anyone could ask for. From soundlessly sleeping under plane seats to cruising around Mexico to being stuffed in a book bag and snuck into hotel rooms … she’s done it all. Traveling - and life -  wouldn’t be the same without her.

Oh and, for those who are interested, she’s a 6 yr old Mini Australian Shepard.


Parker Hilton

 Although, if left up to him, his diet would consist of tacos and bagged beans, the ingredients that make him – him - are considerably more complex.  His ever-constant positive outlook on life and living inspires me daily – he’s a stronger person than I in that way. Encompassing one of the strongest spirits I’ve ever known, his smile is of the contagious kind. His ability to cause me to grin when I thought smiling was not an option has become all too dependable – a skill I thought only Emma had.    

 For him, family is held close and friends are held even closer. It’s seldom that we stay put for long enough to allow those relationships to grow in the generic way but his routine of deep phone calls to his loved ones supersedes any presumed friendship needs.  

 His desire for adventure is tremendous, the world is his playground that he – thankfully - beautifully captures and shares in everything he does. In that world, he comfortably finds his version of home anywhere he lays his head - vans, hammocks, planes, hostels … strangers homes, etc. – it’s a talent, really. One I wish I were better at. 

His main lady – aside from me, of course - is Scarlet JoVANson (our van) and even though“home on wheels” is fitting, sanctuary and retreat seems to be more appropriate.  She is a very large piece of him and has unmistakably become part of the family – it’s true, vans are people too!

 He once told me that he wants to “live a beautiful life, not overly debaucherous or hedonistic – but [a] beautiful [one].” In spite of the fact that I know the life he’s living is pretty damn beautiful … I’d never tell him –-I’d much rather be a part of the story.