It begins!!!! We will more than likely be in Canada previous to this date (taking full advantage of the warm sun) but our island rental starts today!! If you are one of the lucky ones that will be spending the week with us plan on arriving on Monday ... cuz this is where it starts. 


Early hello brunch at the Woodview Inn

Dressy Casual Attire


Woodview Inn

250 Kings ST W, Gananoque, ON

These exact details are still in the works, but we will be having a brunch for those of you arriving early and staying on the river with us!! A little small thank you!! More details to follow but this would also be a great opportunity to explore downtown Gananoque.


Morning Yoga

Exact timing is to be determined, but we will have our very own in-house Yoga Instructor, Gina.

She has graciously offered to share her services with you all!! 


Castle Tour

There has been some interest from guests to explore one of the two castles that are within the Thousand Islands region.


If you are interested in seeing in touring one of the castles, please let us know. We can set up a group excersion.

Tours run anywhere from $10 - $15 per person - Passports will be required, as we will have to cross back over into US territory in order to tour the castle. 


-6:30 pm-
Dinner Cruise welcoming you all to the 1000 islands

Cocktail/Festive Attire


Village Dock  

(in front of the Arthur Child Heritage Museum)

125 Water St, Gananoque ON


Welcome to the islands!! At this point everyone will have arrived!!

It's very important to us that you all meet one other. Personal Goal: we want all of our favorite people to be friends - cuz you guys are incredible and everyone deserves incredible friends. In addition to all of the friends you will be making this will also be a great opportunity for you to get acquainted with these magnificent surroundings and a chance for us to say a huge "thank you!!"

Rest assured this three hour dinner cruise will allow you to see roughly 993 of the 1,864 (thank you wiki) islands that exist within the 1000 Island region. Just don't blink - some of them go by fast. We will journey a gracious loop under the Thousand Islands Bridge and cross over to the American side to view the infamous Bolt Castle and back. 

Boarding and disembarking will be taking place in Gananoque. Super convenient!! 

COST: $30 per adult person (kids free) - *cash bar*

Attendance is not necessary but we would thoroughly enjoy everyones presence. We have chartered the entire boat, so it will only be our incredible group on board!!!

We will be returning at 10pm. Let us know if you'd like to join us!! 


-9:00 am-

Come As Your are Attire -- Swimsuits/Cover-ups Welcome


Meet at the Kapton's Quarters (Lindsay Island) in preparation for the wedding ceremony.

Shuttles from the mainland will be available.

** Bring your Day-Bag **

Come prepared + dressed to spend the day in the water for a beach BBQ, it's going to be an adventure.

More details will be given at the Welcome Dinner. 

-11:00 am-
Beach bbq - party fun time

Join the newly named Hilton's in an afternoon of sunbathing, BBQ'ing, swimming and relaxing. This will be immediately following the ceremony at a nearby island. Don't worry, by this time you would have been instructed to pack a day bag with your daily necessities - said day bag will be transported to the BBQ location. Be prepared to spend the afternoon outside,  however there will be a houseboat or two for comfort.

Everyone must cross their fingers and toes, wear their PJ's inside out the night before and pray that we have amazing weather!!!

- 2:00 to 4:00 pm-
Shower time

Take your last sudsy dip in the river, head back to your hotel/boat, maybe have a snack or two or perhaps get a quick nap in. The choice is yours. Just be sure to polish off your boogie shoes and get ready for a night full of laughs and dancing

Reception ... "ish" @ Kapton's Quarters

Dressy Resort Attire


Back at the Kapton's Quarters the cocktails will be flowing and the music will be blaring. Don't worry about those heals ladies, save your ankles, it's a beautiful rocky and grassy mess on this here island. And we're going to dance all over it!!! 

Transportation from the mainland and neighboring islands will be scheduled accordingly.

Holy Heck We Can't Wait!!


recovery day

Plans are in the works to have the infamous "Kappe" breakfast at Kapton's Quarters, but zero timeline and zero pressure. 

There may also be a lovely restorative Yoga class!!

You do you.