together, we're getting married ... 


          Like we mentioned before, this celebration is going to be different. That being the case, some planning is required on all fronts. We've reserved a section of Lindsay Island as our home base (The Kapton's Quarters). You can find it on the map we've provided for you HERE. For the majority of the week that's where we'll be found. Where you rest your head is completely up to you, we've provided a list of great accommodations that can be found HERE but there's a ton of great campsites and hotels in the area - as well as the ever-so-charming houseboats.

If you have the urge to see what the Thousand Islands is all about outside of our wedding related bits you won't be alone ... nearly half of the invitees are joining us for the entire week!! We will be arriving in the islands on July 10th and staying until July 17th, if at all possible we encourage you to get some extra time up there, but if you can only make the wedding related bits, we completely understand. Sort of. No really - we get it.