Where on earth is the 1000 islands?

why the heck are you getting married there?

Do they only serve 1000 islands dressing?

The Thousand Islands region - found on the St. Lawrence River- is bisected by the Canadian-US border, containing parts of both the state of NY as well as the Canadian province Ontario. The fresh - yet hazardous - waterways consist of more than 1,800 islands and is well peppered with numerous shoals. As the story goes, it is the place where the infamous Thousand Island dressing first got it's debut - food for thought. Oh ... there's also a castle or two ...

There's no shortage of history here, especially for Jenelle and her family. Jenelle's parents - Barbara + Roger (who you will all meet and undoubtedly love) both grew up vacationing here and even though they both hailed from NJ they were unaware they shared this childhood vacation destination. When they started dating -  much later on in life - Roger tried to surprise Barbara with a weekend getaway, he wanted to share his little piece of heaven. Ironically, little did he know she was well versed in the 6 hour road-trip up to The Thousand Islands. By the time they hit Binghamton, NY she unabashedly asked if that's where they were headed.  Funny how the world works.

And so, the tradition continued as they dated, married and shortly there after introduced Jenelle - at less than a week old - to their summer haven. Since then it has been a dedicated yearly family vacation spot for them, spending 2-3 weeks at a time (and many weekends) on the river camping, boating, fishing etc. These islands have their own heartbeat and there is a certain peace you only find in their presence. 

that one time when our hairs (all of 'em) were the same length ... and color

that one time when our hairs (all of 'em) were the same length ... and color

It comes as no surprise that Parker was quickly introduced to the family tradition, finding his own bit of magic and solace in the pitch pines and freshwater—hard to believe for that seafaring boy. He instantly clicked with the late-night campfire sing alongs and sunset floats and although the cliff jumping and lazy-river cruising quickly fixed the island way of life into Parker's heart it was ultimately the people with their hearty laughs and hospitality that cemented this place as a fixture for him.

In the islands your removed, cell phone service is limited - if not non-existent - it's easy to reclaim your sense of connection to not only the people around you but to your surroundings as well. Showers are taken in the river, coffee (or tea) is sipped at leisure in the mornings and runs to 'town' or 'the mainland' happen only when absolutely necessary. When you're here, you're on your own time and this coming July—barring a few nuptial-formalities—we expect nothing from you other than to come and enjoy the calming waters and gentle currents of the Thousand Islands, one of our favorite places on earth.



Plug in Gananoque, Ontario - Canada and start headed north!

In most cases you'll follow Rt. 81 north about 1.5hrs north of Syracuse, NY until you find yourself on Wellesley Island, NY the start line to The Thousand Islands. Once you the cross the border (which can take as little as 5 minutes or as much as an hour) it's only 30 more minutes west to Gananoque, Ontario. Here is where most of you will be either staying, grabbing a houseboat and/or where you'll be keeping your cars while you disappear onto the river.  



Kingston/Norma Rogers (YGK): 40 min

Watertown International (ART): 1hr drive        

Ottawa McDonald-Cartier (YOW): 1hr 45min drive

Syracuse Hancock International (SYR): 2hr drive

Montréal-Pierre Trudeau (YUL): 2.5hr drive    

Toronto Pearson (YYZ): 3hr drive

**carpooling from the airports is in the works** 

Lindsay Island

This is where it will (almost) all be going down and where Jenelle + Parker will be staying (from here on out, we call this place the Kapton's Quarters). There is plenty of anchoring just off the property as well as docking for some boats. Houseboaters, you will more than likely pass the days rafted up to one another surrounding this island - your very own Red-neck Yacht Club!!

It's less than a 10 minute boat ride from Gananoque to Lindsay Island...depending on the boat, of course. Sorry house boaters.

Our ceremony will be off-sight, and it's location is temporarily top-secret, more details on that to follow.